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Welcome to our web site!!

We're glad you found us and we hope you enjoy browsing through our pages.

Each year I think this will be my last year selling Daylilies, due to my ever increasing heart failure. This year was no exception as I spent most of bloom time in the hospital and did not get to see some seedlings bloom. Hopefully, you will see something that you would like to purchase and add to your collection of Daylilies.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to send us an email and one of us will respond promptly.

Bob and Pat Ellison
Ellison Daylilies

Bob with two future Daylily hybridizers.

Ellison Daylilies is located in zone 5, very close to zone 4, so hardiness should not be a problem. We believe we produce exceptional daylily hybrids that you will be very pleased with. If you purchase the entire clump, you may register it with my written permission.

Our shipping season usually starts around April 20th and continues through mid October to warmer climate zones.

We accept personal checks or cashier’s checks as well as money orders. Please make all checks payable to Robert Ellison.

Please send all payments to 504 Westchester Drive, Rockford, Illinois, 61107.  Lilies will not be taken out of the inventory until payment is received.  Personal checks must clear our bank before an order is shipped.

I have gone back to concentrating on breeding red tetraploids that can handle our cold and sometimes nearly snowless winters that don't offer much insulation of the plants due to alternate freeze thaw cycles. For that reason I cover all of my daylily beds with a 2-3" of mulch. I do not like pale reds or red Daylilies that have flesh colored blotches. I am coming up with some deep reds with smaller yellow borders. I hope that the flower size and edges will increase with time as my Daylilies are all at our house and were in rather cramped quarters the past two years.

Braden Rogers enjoys feeding Bob's fish in his pond.  Braden is the son of Michelle, who worked for Bob for 7 years.

I am still working on my diploids and saw some real beauties this year. However, most of them were sold to garden visitors this summer. I had my usual pastels, pinks and yellows. As of late I have been working on red diploids with brilliant color. The results have been excellent for color but lack in size. You can see some of them on the website.

Due to severe health problems again this year I chose to send all of my diploid seeds to a friend in Iowa who will grow them on. I came a little close to death in late July and I did not want the seed to go to waste if God called me home. I am better now, but still pretty weak, so I hope Phil does well with them.

If you would like to order some plants please call before sending a check as many of the seedlings are one of a kind with only one plant available to sell. Most plants will be 1 or 2 fans, with a few 3 or 4 fans. All plants have bloomed for one or two years and should grow well for you. When you call with an order I will let you know the shipping charges. Our residence is at 504 Westchester Drive in Rockford, IL. Always call us at 815-226-8298 before attempting to visit us. We look forward to seeing you during bloom season in 2016, God willing. God has been so good to me these past 8 years and I am thankful and thrilled to continue with my hybridizing.

Your patronage over the years has been greatly appreciated. Thank You!!

God Bless, Bob and Pat Ellison

Phone: 815-226-8298 Email Address: raedaylily@aol.com

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